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Additionally, PEOs employ experienced HR professionals who can help small businesses implement recruiting and hiring best practices. They understand the current employment laws and regulations that apply to recruiting, so they can help small businesses stay compliant. Insperity offers training and development materials, including thousands of online books and courses. CoAdvantage – Operating in all 50 states and under Morgan Stanley Capital Partner’s Umbrella, CoAdvantage is one of the fastest growing PEO companies in the business. They are driven by a constantly improving service, an embrace of technology to make things easier for clients, and some of the best team-building services on the market. After much searching, we have determined that these are the top 21 PEO companies you should consider.

  • Finally, their emphasis on security and compliance meets the highest standards.
  • As a result, small companies have the opportunity to compete with larger firms for the top talent in their respective regions.
  • In fact, businesses that work with PEOs grow nearly 10% faster than their competitors and have as much as 14% less turnover, according to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations .
  • Users who choose INFINITI HR’s PEO get a full range of payroll and tax filing, state-specific HR management, employee benefits, workers’ comp, and compliance services and support.
  • PEOs supply businesses with services and benefits and do not supply employees to work sites.
  • As you would expect, Paychex will handle all aspects of benefits administration for you.

JobTiger Ltd. provides human resources services for a global consultancy firm. The team pre-select candidates within the provided role requirements in order to supply employees into the new branch in Bulgaria. Justworks has great customer service and users can access friendly, efficient representatives via email, phone, or chat. Many older top 10 peo companies companies might have chat systems with excessive steps, but Justworks has chat systems that make it easy for prospects to book a demo on the spot. It also has a blog and resource center with helpful tips and guides on many hr-related topics. While it’s not on TrustPilot or BBB accredited, it does have a 3.8 out of 5 status on Facebook.

The client asked to conduct an audit on a particular product, providing assessments and reports based on the requirements. An investment research company hired HROne to assist in hiring foreigners. Profesio Employment Agency was tasked with finding specific employee candidates for a construction company. Their goal was to understand their company culture to enable easy social integration for them. Circa Logica Group supported the creation of a satellite office in the Phillippines. Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. One of the best aspects of Justworks is its low-cost, transparent pricing.

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Shortlister Connect is a tool specifically designed to be utilized by the HR and Procurement/Sourcing teams within mid-size, large and jumbo employers. Used by most of the top employee benefits consultants in the US, Shortlister is where you can find, research and select HR and benefits vendors for your clients. Then manage your vendors and access ratings/reviews to find out where other employers are seeing success. Beyond that, choose a PEO that can provide the benefits that your employees actually want and need, and at a price point that works for your budget. You’ll also need to ensure that any third-party vendors the PEO partners with to provide benefits and insurance are authorized in your state.

top 10 peo companies

It has two main packages which are Basic and Plus for $49 and $99 per month. These amounts are also per employee and there are discount tiers for businesses that have more than 25, 100, or even 174 employees. In addition, business owners can also be eligible for a 15% discount if they choose to pay on an annual basis. Paychex charges businesses per employee, instead of a percentage of payroll basis. It also allows clients to cancel anytime, provided they give a 30-day notice in writing. A PEO is an affordable HR option for many small businesses, as it can handle all your HR functions under a co-employment model.

Besides benefits and tax administration, HROne can provide visa processing and recruitment services, including headhunting, executive search, and recruiting in China. It identifies and selects the best people and takes care of the employer-employee relationship. Oyster has a global employment platform so you can hire full-time employees or contractors — there is no need to deal with a local entity for hiring. The payroll platform is also multi-country and can handle localized benefits packages. Many employees are permanently working in remote and hybrid work environments, which means they need access to their HR services outside the traditional office space.

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As you would expect, Paychex will handle all aspects of benefits administration for you. TriNet can provide premium-level benefits packages from a range of leading insurance providers, like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Transamerica, and Aflac. Available types of insurance include medical, dental, vision, life, disability, retirement, commuter, and other voluntary benefits. Of course, TriNet also takes responsibility for benefits administration and compliance, including relevant requirements for ACA, COBRA, disability, and state filings. ADP TotalSource offers quote-based pricing, so you’ll need to contact the company directly for a quote.

We recommend Justworks as it has efficient HR, compliance, and payroll tools with enterprise-level benefits that small businesses normally don’t have access to. Its plans are also reasonably priced with monthly fees that become more affordable as you grow your workforce. Aside from PEO services, Rippling has a solid suite of HR and IT management solutions—making it one of our top-recommended HR payroll software for small businesses. Robie has more than five years of content writing experience and specializes in writing about payroll and human resources software for small businesses. Hiring a PEO service provider can save you time and money if you need some assistance running payroll, managing benefits, and handling HR tasks. HROne is unique within this list because it specializes in hiring employees in China.

top 10 peo companies

Non-transparent pricing and limited how-to guides contributed to its low scores. Plus, while Insperity generally has a user-friendly interface, learning to navigate through all of its features may take some time. If you want a PEO service with an intuitive platform, we recommend Justworks or Rippling. A startup with five employees and a franchise with 2,000 employees across 50 locations will not be in the market for the same PEO service provider.

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Businesses that need to focus resources on more important activities may enlist a PEO to take care of time-consuming administrative HR concerns. This can be cost-effective as it reduces the need to support an in-house HR and payroll department. Staffing companies lease out workers to select companies that are never personally involved with the employee.

Learn more about benefits administration software for small businesses along with frequently asked questions. Robie Ann Ferrer is payroll and HR expert at Fit Small Business, focusing on software. Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as an HR specialist at several multinational companies. While a PEO provider is supposed to reduce costs making your life easier as a business owner, it should also have a positive impact on your employees. Whether it’s during the hiring process, onboarding, or just day-to-day questions about their benefits or employee status, TriNet is there for all of those needs.

  • At ADP, we are committed to unlocking potential — not only in our clients and their businesses, but in our people, our communities and society as a whole.
  • Many companies have gone fully remote, while others are operating on a hybrid split of in-office and work-from-home — proving remote work is here to stay.
  • Several independent reviewers complain that customer service is slow and of a low standard.
  • Two standout features of this company are its payroll self-service for employees and HR support.
  • With a team of fewer than 10 employees, they provide human resources services, including HR consulting, outsourcing, recruiting, employee leasing, and more.
  • All the necessary services for your business on the Internet in a centralized way in Zentica.

Fortunately, Paychex does offer tiered pricing based on the volume of employees, and business owners can learn about this more by contacting sales. Besides this standard fee, Paychex has charged other supplemental fees like a one-time setup fee of $200 and W2/1099 admin fees which are an additional $123 per year. By working with a PEO that’s up to date with technology, you can better track flexible work hours and provide remote workers with a standardized, simple HR, payroll, and benefits solution. This can go a long way for smaller companies looking to combat burnout among managers and employees alike, as many prior processes can be automated, especially from an HR perspective. This can reduce legal problems for your business, helping you earn a positive reputation in your community and reducing employee turnover.

Many larger people companies try to have convoluted price structures and aggressive sales reps, which frustrate prospects. However, in the past, some customers have noted that due to the rapid growth of CoAdvantage, customer service can appear a bit disjointed. That being said, CoAdvantage has become far more stable in this regard in recent years, and you should have no problem no matter where you are and what industry you are in. Having the right PEO firm can greatly benefit a small business, as those with PEOs grow approximately 10% faster. It also prevents a business from prematurely going out of business as those with a solid PEO partner are 50% less likely to close down. This comprehensive resource will cover fundamental information about employee leasing, benefits, and the best PEOs for small businesses.

Justworks is one of the few companies we reviewed that’s upfront about its pricing and contract information. This can allow you to compare PEOs easily without getting involved in the company’s sales process. It is one of the few PEOs that lists pricing on its website, which makes it easy to know whether their services fit within your budget. From startups to international companies, they likely have a package for you. Due to the discounts, benefits, and organization benefits a PEO can provide, we know that for most companies they are more than worth the cost. The answer will depend on the PEO service provider your company partners with.

Remote is a global HR solution that provides top-notch all-virtual support to local and multinational companies. By providing greater focus through a streamlined process that only requires minimal work from employees, employers can make better decisions with fewer staff members. A PEO is a kind of outsourcing company that primarily focuses on providing HR service support. The process of finding a PEO should not be rushed as it’s costly and difficult to fix errors later on. The more time you commit to finding the right PEO, the better it will pay off in the long run.

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You might even find that their growth programs are something special in themselves. If a small business owner must leave a PEO, he or she should try to leave it around the first of January. If he or she can’t do this, it’s wise to leave right after one of the quarterly tax deadlines. This can be a blurred line as it can be tough to determine if the employer or PEO is responsible for a tax filing mistake. I’ve worked for newspapers, magazines and various online platforms as both a writer and copy editor.

Shield Geo is now a part of Velocity Global and yet, they still stay true to their services. Staying true to their name, Globalization Partners has in-country teams ready to be delegated anytime. In most cases, the EOR will be named as your employee’s employer on paper. If your PEO is not accredited or certified by the IRS or Small Business Efficiency Act , it could leave your company liable to any unpaid taxes and federal agency penalties. Although a lack of accreditations doesn’t necessarily indicate a bad company it can be important for certain legal requirements to use accredited PEO firms. Always read the contract carefully and enact due diligence in regard to the company’s history, partners, and certifications. You will want to ask questions and read the fine print to determine just how long your company will be on the hook for.

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It offers full-service HR for five to 149 employees or 150 to 5,000 employees. For 10 to 49 employees, services are $80 per month per employee for the Starter pack, $100 per month per employee for the Essential pack, and $125 per employee per month for the Supercharged pack. TotalSource does not make clear whether it handles international employees, so you’ll have to reach out if you’re looking for global workforce support solutions. The company was founded in 2019 with a mission to “make it easier for growing companies to hire, pay, and take care of employees anywhere in the world.” It intends to remove all barriers to cross-border employment.

PEOs operate under a co-employment model in which the PEO, as a co-employer, is the employer of record for tax purposes and is responsible for collecting and remitting payroll taxes for employees on its platform. The client maintains control over workforce decisions, like hiring, firing, compensation and culture. Small businesses who outsource their human resource responsibilities to a PEO can often focus their time and resources on other tasks, such as their core missions, productivity and revenue generation.

  • Their customer support will answer every question as soon as you ask, but they won’t do anything crazy like send you a birthday card on your birthday.
  • Information here might be imperfect, but the more research you can do, the better.
  • With this service, you’ll have the option of submitting payroll online, via desktop or mobile app, or over the phone with a payroll specialist.
  • As you would imagine, then, at the heart of Justworks PEO is their powerful and intuitive software, which is easy for both employers and employees to use.
  • Today, the company has more than 14,000 employees and more than a half-million small- to medium-sized businesses nationwide.

Compliance and Legal –A PEO manages all compliance and legal issues regarding your employees, even the most confusing of state regulations, which is a larger problem in California than most other states. Know that you are safe having the checks and balances managed by the PEO’s system. Regardless of which level of HR service you choose, your employees can self-onboard and manage their important information through Paychex’s employee self-service portal .

Business owners should expect to pay $35-$70 per employee for basic services and up to $150 per employee if they include many benefits. Some benefits that would greatly increase the cost would be retirement plans, workers’ compensation insurance, and regulatory compliance services. These services are pricer as they’re more complex, require more attention to detail are in higher demand. PEOs differ from typical HR outsourcing services by operating under a co-employment model, meaning your employees appear on the PEO’s “books” for legal and tax purposes. This allows PEOs to act as massive corporations with hundreds of thousands of employees. PEOs can negotiate contracts with employee benefits providers for more favorable rates on unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance. It also gives them the power and scope to build and leverage powerful time-tracking and payroll technology for small businesses.

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Also, it will assist a business owner with tax challenges like filing estimated payments, paying unemployment tax along with FUTA/SUTA tax. Businesses that use PEOs will have a higher chance of long-term success and they can start improving themselves by exploring the best PEOs from this list. Pricing can be based on numerous factors like industry and the number of employees. However, it does provide tiered discounts for businesses that have over 20 and 100 employees. Also, most fees generally range between $100-$130 per employee for firms that have between 20 to 100 employees. Businesses that have less than 20 employees could expect to pay approximately $150-$175 per employee. These pricing models are pricier than other options but could be justified by the number of services they provide along with their numerous per-industry solutions.

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Compare Quotes While some providers force you to bundle all PEO services in one package, Infiniti HR allows you to pick and choose which ones you need. Do you only need an outsourced human resources department, but not payroll? In addition to the traditional PEO services that we’ve seen so far (HR, payroll, risk management, employee benefits, etc.), Infiniti HR also specializes in recruitment. Another standout for Infiniti HR is the type of businesses that they serve. They work with lots of franchise organizations like Supercuts, Best Western, and Massage Envy.

TriNet highlights their risk mitigation assistance, which extends across all their services. TriNet can also provide support if an insurance claim is filed against your business. FrankCrum partners with its clients to improve efficiency and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal legal requirements. As the old cliche goes, a business’s most important assets are its people or as many human resources professionals refer to as “human capital”. Therefore, it’s imperative for small business owners to have systems and partners that can manage their employees. Justworks is an excellent choice for small businesses with limited HR experience because of its affordability and solid PEO services.

Oasis Outsourcing offers many standard PEO services, including human resources, employee benefits, risk management, and payroll. What sets it apart from other PEOs we reviewed, however, is its unique service model. Oasis Outsourcing creates a Client Services Team for each of its customers consisting of a Senior HR Generalist and a Payroll Account Manager. Insperity is one of the most popular PEO solutions for small business owners looking to simplify their HR strategy and payroll procedures. Beyond HR and payroll, it offers employee benefits, workers compensation, and government compliance. In particular, Insperity stands out for its extensive range of online training and safety courses, and other helpful services for both staff and managers.