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The term “turnkey” is based on the concept of only needing to turn the key to unlock the doors to begin operations. To be fully considered turnkey, the business must function correctly and at full capacity from when it is initially received. The turnkey cost of such a business may involve franchising fees, rent, insurance, inventory, and so on.

  • Some entrepreneurs thrive on the challenge of breathing life into a fledgling or declining business, others just want to get down to running and scaling the finished product.
  • When you’re ready to sell, this type of business looks very attractive to prospective buyers who want to start making money immediately rather than building their own company from the ground up.
  • Profitable, recently remodeled bar and grill for sale in Hudson, Wisconsin.
  • Approximately 80% of the space is dedicated to the coffee shop and restaurant.
  • 250 accounts (80% being Property Mgt. Companies,90% Commercial, 5% HOA’s).
  • In the case of franchises, a turnkey business often includes a building that has been constructed to the franchise’s specifications.

SOPs outlining the supply chain, logistics, and inventory management processes. When searching for an existing building, you could get your hands dirty renovating a fixer-upper, or simply move into a pre-prepared, functional home instead.

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We Sell Restaurants is the undisputed leader in restaurant sales in the United States, with more listings and more transactions than any other brand. I want to be informed of market trends and businesses for sale. The sale of our educational software business through BSBB in 2011 was very smooth and very professionally handled. Like-new bar and grill in the western suburbs, off of a busy highway. Features spacious open dining area and bar, an outdoor patio, stage for bands, bag toss, and rented pull tab booth. Full kitchen and bar, with strong opportunity to grow the menu, expand on weekly games and e games, and utilize the party room in the back and outdoor tent for events.

A turnkey business often already has a proven, successful business model and merely requires investment capital and labor. Selling your business is both a financial and a personal decision, and a broker can help you navigate the personal side of your company sale. Potential buyers will want to know why you’re selling the business, and your broker can help you answer that question. To sell your turnkey business, you need a business broker who can serve as a trusted advisor. To take the first step towards owning your own business, browse through our marketplace to create a shortlist of turnkey businesses that pique your interest. Buy/Sell Business Brokers services the greater Chicagoland area and specializes on the small to mid-size businesses.

Profitable bar and grill located 30 minutes from Rochester, MN. Full kitchen serving burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and daily specials. Large building with a great outdoor deck and volleyball courts. Sale includes large living quarters/rental apartments and an adjacent commercial rental space. Serves high-quality, made from scratch food with fresh ingredients.

Turnkey cost is the total cost that must be covered before a product or service is ready to be sold and used. The term refers to a corporate buyer just having to “turn” a “key” to commence business activity. David Kindness is a Certified Public Accountant and an expert in the fields of financial accounting, corporate and individual tax planning and preparation, and investing and retirement planning.

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Country-style market, espresso bar & wine shop offers deli eatery, grocery items along with popular patio. The royalty fee is 15 percent of commissions earned, and there is an additional website and marketing fee of $750 per month per franchise territory. These costs are well worth the investment for providing you with training to become a certified restaurant broker and own your own business.

With the building blocks already in place, turnkey business owners can start earning profits from day one, helping them to recoup their initial investment much faster. A turnkey business is a business that is fully functional and ready to open its doors from the moment it’s purchased by the new owner. In other words, it already has a proven, successful business model in place, and merely requires someone to take the reigns and steer the business. Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of turnkey business, the advantages of becoming a turnkey business owner, and how you can go about finding a turnkey online business for sale. Entrepreneurs considering buying a franchise business should always do their due diligence and be sure they know exactly what a particular turnkey operation includes.

Many people believe that buying a business through a broker is more expensive than private sales as they think they are absorbing some of the broker’s fees and commissions in the sales price. Sellers are liable for all fees, they are not included in the price of the business. As advantageous as turnkey businesses can be, there are a few negatives to counterbalance their many positives. Sourcing growth capital for a turnkey is also more convenient as pre-existing businesses have an established financial history. Being able to demonstrate the business’s profitability and growth potential greatly increases your chances of successfully applying for a loan. In this article, I’ll hone in on online business opportunities.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from Bridgewater State University and has worked on print content for business owners, national brands, and major publications. BizQuest has more Turnkey Business in Chicago, IL for sale listings than any other source. Refine your search by location, industry or asking price using the filters below. BizQuest has more North Carolina Turnkey Business for sale listings than any other source. Your broker will prescreen buyers to determine if they have the financial resources to purchase your business.

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Includes coffee shops with 2 locations in addition to a small commercial bakery. Premium locations, attractive leases, and strong local brand recognition, make these locations the “go-to” spots throughout the community. Combined Gross Sales exceed $1M, with an absentee owner, management in place, and fully staffed, there’s plenty of room for growth and expansion.

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Aside from franchises, any existing business that’s already up and running successfully or a new business whose doors are ready to be opened could be considered a turnkey business. Finally, work with the experienced turnkey broker business brokers at Raincatcher. They can assess your business, and operate as a trusted advisor during the entire sales process. Business brokers add value by developing a marketing plan to sell your business.

turnkey business brokers

Read about types of businesses, how to start a business, and how to get a business loan. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. A consultant is not an employee of the company; instead, the consultant functions as an independent entity. Profits are made based on the difference between the supply costs and the price at which the items are ultimately sold.

Is the co-founder of We Sell Restaurants and industry expert in restaurant sales and valuation. She is the co-author of Appetite for Acquisition, an award-winning book on buying restaurants. We are committed to getting you the best price for your business and paid at closing.

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At We Sell Restaurants, recent numbers show the gross commission income for a franchisee is $180,102. With hard work and dedication, this can be an exciting, challenging, and lucrative career. Features a split 50/50 between floral and gifts, and serves a very loyal customer base. Complete turn-key operation with asking price including business and inventory.

turnkey business brokers

Another option is to list your business on Internet sites, particularly if you own a small retail businesses or franchise. Direct sales and multi-level marketing businesses, such as Mary Kay, can also be seen as turnkey businesses based on how little it takes to have them up and running. Often, a person only needs to sign up for the particular service as a consultant and pay fees for the inventory required to perform the work.

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If a buyer has resources and is willing to sign non-disclosure agreements, the broker will help you through the due diligence process. If you’ve created a successful business and documented your systems, a business broker can help you navigate the sales process. If your business has one or more of these traits, you can generate consistent sales, positive cash inflows, and net profits. You can generate recurring revenue streams with a loyal following of customers.

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Franchises may not have to participate in advertising decisions, as those may be governed by a larger corporate body. Follow these steps to sell your turnkey business with confidence. Providing business operation documents helps the buyer plan for running the business after a purchase. If the acquiring firm has a clear picture of your operation, a buyer will be more motivated to buy your business.

The benefit of turnkey online businesses in comparison to their physical brick-and-mortar counterparts is that many online businesses models are relatively passive in terms of workload. They also allow entrepreneurs to work from home, or anywhere in the world for that matter. The beauty of a turnkey business is that the startup phase is already complete, and the teething problems have been endured and solved by someone else. To be considered turnkey, a business doesn’t necessarily have to be profitable, but it can’t be heavily impacted by problems like broken processes or missing infrastructure. Franchises are a common form of turnkey business, including restaurants like Subway and Tim Horton’s.

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The store has a loyal client base, earned from 37 years in business. The store caters to upper-middle class customers and bridal business. This popular dog salon is a well-established business on the beautiful Central Coast of California. Along with pampering our furry friends it offers a wide variety of dog and cat food products, including both dry and canned. Pets are pampered and go home squeaky clean and happy to their family.

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It follows that the easiest and most fullproof way to do this is to set up a cryptocurrency turnkey brokerage business. Get three well-established Edmonton-based businesses with one deal. This incredible, turnkey package includes auto repair, wholesale tires and online tire sales with a roster of loyal customers and clients. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so to speak, to ensure the success of the We Sell Restaurants model. There is a proven success rate for those who properly use the educational training we provide. Although we do not require prior restaurant experience or business ownership, you should have a good comprehension of running a business.