Benefits of a PEO for Small Business

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PEOs are experts in legal compliance for your state and industry, so they can reduce your company’s risk of lawsuits. Many PEOs provide online portals that allow employers and employees to access their benefits and HR self-service easily, but the best companies also offer mobile apps and one-on-one customer service. As your business expands and you need to hire more workers, it’s critical to develop recruiting and onboarding programs, and to offer benefits such as healthcare or retirement plans. PEOs relieve the stress and legal paperwork burden of hiring and onboarding these new employees and can help employers offer benefits and manage payroll and other critical functions.

  • The main benefit of a PEO is that you get access to HR expertise without hiring HR professionals to perform these tasks.
  • BBSIprides itself on not only providing standard PEO services, but on helping drive client businesses in other ways as well.
  • The Digital Merchant offers unbiased reviews, comparisons, and best-of lists such as this one.
  • TriNetspecializes in providing customized packages for different industries.

Instead of wading through stacks of job applications, you can lean on your PEO throughout the process. PEOs employ knowledgeable HR professionals with the necessary experience and resources to find and recruit top talent for your company. There are a few potential downsides to consider before you employ a PEO service. For example, since a PEO acts as a co-employer over your staff, it could be an outside influence on your company culture. Some business owners want to maintain control over their organization’s culture without the involvement of a co-employer.

What types of businesses can benefit from PEOs?

Before starting this blog, Adam managed digital marketing teams for large SaaS startups and reviews the best software to run your online business. He has been featured in over 100 publications, top 10 peo companies including Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. While payroll processing will likely be handled by the PEO now, how you want to run your company will still be up to you.

PEO: Energy CEF Flying Under The Radar, +31% YTD (NYSE:PEO) – Seeking Alpha

PEO: Energy CEF Flying Under The Radar, +31% YTD (NYSE:PEO).

Posted: Sun, 11 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Most PEOs in this guide do not list their pricing online and require you to call and get a custom quote—except for Justworks and Papaya Global, which publish pricing information on their websites. Rippling also lists its rates online, but only its starter monthly fees.

ADP TotalSource: Best PEO for Risk Management/OSHA Services

Compared to Justworks and XcelHR, Insperity’s employee engagement and training tools are more robust. In addition to the usual HR support , Insperity provides excellent employee development and engagement tools. It assists with conducting culture surveys, crafting mission statements, and customizing a rewards program for your staff. Plus, it helps keep employees learning with over 30,000 online books, 2,000+ audiobooks, and more than 5,000 self-paced courses in business, technology, and compliances, among others.

Additionally, PEO companies have a wealth of knowledge regarding how to run a business from the HR side of things that any business owner should take advantage of. Many PEO companies offer consultancy services in several areas, and you should ask about these when talking to a PEO. Oasis also simply has some of the best payroll processing in the industry, and if that is all you are looking for, then Oasis is the way to go. Flexible plans so businesses do not need to get services they will not use. While your business’s primary services and products are important, your employees are what makes the business move and exist as successfully as it does. A PEO company can also provide tools that help with scheduling, time off requests, sick day management, and similar concerns.